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    Brian Richy voice artist from Canada

    5 years ago

    Brian Richy is a prolific voice artist from Canada. He started his career in Toronto and soon moved to Japan, following a rock band from that country. ...

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    Gary Terzza, VO coaching from the UK

    6 years ago

    VO coaching is what Gary Terzza offers through VOmasterclass™, a voice over training program helping beginners in the peculiar art of reading at the mic.

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    Rosi Amador, locutora bilingüe

    6 years ago

    Entrevista con Rosi Amador, locutora bilingüe de origen argentino y puertorriqueño. De español neutro e inglés con ligero acento hispano, si fuera necesario.

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    Uncle Roy, VO coach with a tested method

    7 years ago

    Uncle Roy, from Antland Productions (Bloomfield, New Jersey) has worked as Sound Designer, Recording Engineer and Producer.

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    David Voix off: Plusieurs Cordes dans son Arc

    7 years ago

    Depuis sa base en Bretagne, le comédien voix off David Richard est toujours prêt à allumer son home studio pour satisfaire

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  • slide Wearable technology

    Could wearable technology be the next big thing for voice-over?

    Wearable technology is at the moment one of the big buzzwords in the hi-tech world. At the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wearable technology was certainly the most talked about subject and whether it’s the shape of things to come or just a passing fad is the cause for debate in the digital arena.

    From a voice over perspective, could wearable technology be the start of a whole new genre that we can get our teeth or rather our voice into?

     We’ll come to that in a minute but first let’s take a quick look at some of the wearable tech that’s already out there or about to launch:

    • Google Glass – glasses that incorporate a miniature computer that links to the internet. You can read emails, check social networks, get travel directions, and check the time, amongst other cool things!

    • Polar Loop Activity Tracker – this is a wrist-worn device that can monitor your heart rate, shows how many calories you have burned, how many steps you have taken, how long you’ve been exercising and can monitor your entire fitness regime.

    • Pebble Steel Smartwatch – this watch allows you to check emails, see updates, control your music and even tell you the time!

    • Oculus Rift – this is a headset that brings video games to life by tracking your movements and applying those movements to the game you are playing – in essence, virtual reality

    • Jaybird Reign – this is a wristband that learns from your heart rate and can tell you when you need to exercise, when you need to sleep, how much sleep you need and how much sleep you are currently getting!

    These are just some of the wearable tech that is already out there or being developed currently. Some already use audio and with others, it’s only a matter of time before audio is completely developed and integrated.

    So what does this mean for voice over artists? Could we soon be providing voice overs for smartwatches, headsets, digital wristbands et al?

    The area of video gaming is certainly an interesting one to watch as the development of video gaming headsets gathers pace. Another interesting area is e-learning. Developers are looking at integrating e-learning into glasses and headsets so who knows, we could be working on e-learning voice over projects for a pair of spectacles soon!

    All of this may seem fanciful but if wearable technology does take off, then it could make a significant impact on our industry.

    What do you think? Do you think wearable technology will present opportunities for the VO industry? It would be great to hear your thoughts.

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    Gary Terzza, VO coaching from the UK

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