• brian

    Brian Richy voice artist from Canada

    5 years ago

    Brian Richy is a prolific voice artist from Canada. He started his career in Toronto and soon moved to Japan, following a rock band from that country. ...

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  • gary

    Gary Terzza, VO coaching from the UK

    6 years ago

    VO coaching is what Gary Terzza offers through VOmasterclass™, a voice over training program helping beginners in the peculiar art of reading at the mic.

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  • slide

    Rosi Amador, locutora bilingüe

    7 years ago

    Entrevista con Rosi Amador, locutora bilingüe de origen argentino y puertorriqueño. De español neutro e inglés con ligero acento hispano, si fuera necesario.

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  • HSR 2010 East

    Uncle Roy, VO coach with a tested method

    7 years ago

    Uncle Roy, from Antland Productions (Bloomfield, New Jersey) has worked as Sound Designer, Recording Engineer and Producer.

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  • david

    David Voix off: Plusieurs Cordes dans son Arc

    7 years ago

    Depuis sa base en Bretagne, le comédien voix off David Richard est toujours prêt à allumer son home studio pour satisfaire

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  • google+logo

    Are you on Google+ yet?

    You may be surprised to hear that Google+ is now the second biggest social network in the world. Facebook is still the clear leader (at the moment!) but Google+ is definitely gaining some ground and with over 343 million users you can see why it’s getting some traction.

    As VO artists I think that most of us have now ventured onto Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but maybe haven’t used Google+ yet to its full potential. With so much social media out there it’s easy to get social media fatigue. After all, there’s only so much time in the day and social media can be a massive distraction to doing some proper marketing! 

    ……or is it? Shouldn’t social media now be a big part of our overall marketing plan and where does Google+ fit into this?


    Like any type of marketing, you may have to do a bit of testing. Here are a few things about Google+ that may be worth considering: 

    • Google+ might put your talents in front of a new audience. Using social media to promote your VO business is about testing what will work best for you. I don’t know anybody who has got the time to be active on all the networks at all times so it’s about selecting what works for you.
    • You can target your audience better. With Google+ you can create circles of people or companies that are connected to your business sector. So as VO artists it’s possible to connect with other VO artists, production companies, studios etc. And instead of sharing information across everybody, you can share it with your selected circle. This enables you to be far more targeted with your communications. For example, you could potentially create a circle of e-learning companies and share your e-learning demo with them. Just a thought….
    • Google+ allows you to organize video hangouts that enable you to share your knowledge and join in with like-minded communities. This means you can showcase your talents and provide hints and tips about the VO industry. If you are a VO coach or have ambitions to move into coaching, this might be a good avenue for you.
    • You can increase your online presence with Google+ and start to improve your ranking on the search engine by sharing interesting and quality content to targeted audiences. Google likes you to be on Google+ which is not that surprising really!
    • By becoming active on Google+ you can reach out to the very active community of VO talents, such as this one. You might not reach out to customers, but you can share needs, concerns and experiences with other colleagues.

    Did you know google

    If you’re not currently using Google+ in your VO business then it’s probably worth investing some time and seeing if you can make some good connections. Check out what other VO artists are doing on Google+ and the types of companies that you could invite to join your circles. It might open up some new opportunities for you.

    What do you think? Are you on Google+ yet? How are you using it to promote your VO business? Please share your experiences here…



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