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Liam 'the voiceover chap' Gerrard

Liam 'the voiceover chap' Gerrard a talented voice recommended for DirectVoices
Voice type with a
Young adult
Vocal range
I record as native speaker
English - United Kingdom

My samples

English Corporate & Industrial VOs

Price indicator

Categories Recorded Audio Minute Minimum
Corporate & Industrial VOs $2 $100
Commercial Ads $100
TV Spots $300
IVR Phone Messages $50
Video Games $50
Others $10
Audiobook $2 $100
Kids $50
Narration $2 $100
Internet & Website $50
Promo & Jingles $50
Animation, Character $100
Features & Documentaries $100
e-Learning & Tutorial $100
1) The details you provide help establish a preliminary price for your voiceover project. The final, "deal price" can vary and will be agreed with your selected voice talent.
2) An audio minute is calculated on the basis of 2.5 words per second.
3) When converting US $ dollar rates into euros EU €, we apply the current Google conversion rate.
Liam 'the voiceover chap' Gerrard
United Kingdom
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