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Bruce Abels

Bruce Abels a talented voice recommended for DirectVoices
Voice type with a
Middle aged
Vocal range
I record as native speaker
English - North America

My experience

Corporate & Industrial VOs
Commercial Ads
TV Spots
Video Games
Internet & Website
Promo & Jingles
Features & Documentaries

My Studio

Accoustically treated
RODE NT1-A and others
Recording Formats
mp3, wav, aif, mpeg4
Software used
Twisted Wave
Grace m101
Bruce Abels
United States 303-898-2078
About me

My voice is deep and warm, with interesting overtones. It can sound dramatic, cinematic, relaxed, determined, intriguing, personal, sarcastic, dry, whatever, but always real. I strive to voice bravely. Plus, with 25+ years on the "other side of the glass" as an award-winning advertising copywriter and producer, I'm a voice talent uniquely attuned to what a director/producer wants—from interpreting specs/scripts to taking direction when I'm behind the mic.

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